Why No Male Nurses in Indian Army

“Why no male nurses in Army”?: Delhi High Court. Those eligible males interested in charting out a career in MNS (Military Nursing Services) can ask for no more, with the Delhi High Court taking umbrage on “Why no male nurses in the Indian Army”! MNS (Military Nursing Services): Current Recruitment Procedure As per the procedure being curre...

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Which is the Best Online Coaching For OET

ONLINE OET COACHING FEE - 15000 FOR TWO AND HALF MONTHS Which is the Best Online Coaching For OET and Why Mantram is considered as Best? Regarding the best online coaching for OET (Occupational English Test), it's essential to consider factors like comprehensive study materials, experienced tutors, personalized feedback, and real...

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Which is the best OET exam Centre in India

ONLINE OET COACHING FEE - 15000 FOR TWO AND HALF MONTHS When choosing India's best OET exam centre, Mantram OET Coaching Institute stands proudly at the top. With a reputation built on excellence and a track record of success, Mantram has become the go-to destination for aspiring healthcare professionals preparing for the OET. At...

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Which book are best for Norcet Exam Preparation? Are you looking for the best books to ace the NORCET exam? Look no further! Mantram NORCET Coaching Institute is here to guide you towards success. We understand the importance of quality study material in your preparation, and that's why we recommend the following books as the top choices for NORCE...

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What is Nursing

What is Nursing? Amid all other professions on earth, one of the noble professions in Nursing. Nurses are known for tirelessly working for safeguarding public health in various settings including hospitals, primary or secondary health care centres, public schools, community workers, defense services or even at home. Nursing as a field comes under t...

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Webinar on HPPSC Staff Nurse/Nursing Officer Recruitment Exam

SPECIAL WEBINAR ON How to Crack the HPPSC Staff Nurse/Nursing Officer exam. SUNDAY, February 27 (From 11 am to 1 pm) Success falls in the lap of those who choose to race against time and tide! The HPPSC Staff Nurse/Nursing Officer exam is a highly competitive exam in which thousands of aspirants from across Himachal Pradesh and elsewhere try their...

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Ward Sister Coaching In Chandigarh For prospective nursing aspirants, the Mantram Nursing Coaching Institute in Chandigarh is one the best academy providing an approach that concentrates on elaborated and detailed learning. This approach has enabled the institute to be one of the most sought after institutes for the Ward Sister Coaching in Chandiga...

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Virpal Kaur

What Ms. Virpul Kaur says about Mantram Nursing Academy... I have started coaching for Staff Nurse posts at Mantram Nursing Institute. I have good experience from this institute. The method of teaching is very good. all Mantram Achiever’s + +...

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Veena Negi

What Ms. Veena Negi says about Mantram Nursing Academy... I am thrilled to share my experience with Mantram, India's best NORCET coaching institute. Their exceptional guidance and support helped me secure a top rank in the entrance exam. The faculty's expertise and personalized attention ensured a comprehensive understanding of the syllabus. The m...

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