OET Occupational English Test Coaching at Mantram Nursing Academy

Mantram Nursing Academy is a renowned institution that aims to support the career goals of nursing professionals. We specialize in providing exclusive coaching for the Occupational English Test (OET), which assesses profession-specific English language skills. Located in Chandigarh, our academy offers a stimulating learning environment replicating real workplace scenarios and providing relevant guidance to nursing professionals preparing for the OET exam.

If you are a healthcare professional aspiring to register and practice in an English-speaking environment, the OET is a crucial pathway. Successfully passing the OET exam certifies your eligibility to practice in countries like the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Dubai. At Mantram Nursing Academy, we are the best institute to help you realize your dreams. Our dedicated OET coaching classes cater to nursing students seeking to excel in the exam.

To excel in the OET, it is essential to have access to high-quality study materials and ample practice resources. At Mantram, we offer many study materials, including textbooks, mock tests, sample papers, and audio resources, all carefully curated to reflect the actual exam format. Our practice sessions and mock tests are designed to simulate the OET experience, enabling you to become familiar with the OET test structure and time management techniques. This comprehensive approach will enhance your confidence and proficiency in tackling the exam.

Our OET exam results track record positions us as a leading choice among OET aspirants in the Chandigarh area. Our experienced faculty members are committed to providing comprehensive training and support to students in all OET English Language Test areas, including Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.


Chelliboyana Vineela MN 23 007 SN 0423 ONMantram OET Classes in Chandigarh have been a game-changer for my career in nursing. The courses offered were comprehensive and up-to-date. The OET instructors at Mantram were experts in their field and genuinely passionate about helping students succeed. The academy's supportive learning environment and constructive feedback helped refine my skills.

kiran-snI enrolled in Mantram Academy to enhance my English skills and clear the OET exam. The instructors are highly knowledgeable and experienced, and their practical approach helped me grasp complex concepts quickly. Thanks to Mantram OET Coaching Academy in Chandigarh, I feel confident and equipped to excel in the nursing industry.

chhavi-staff-nurseMantram Online OET Coaching Academy is the best place to prepare for exams. The trainers at Mantram have a profound understanding of language learning and employ innovative teaching methodologies. The comprehensive study material and regular assessments ensured steady progress. The friendly atmosphere and supportive staff made the learning experience enjoyable.

sangeeta-staff-nurseI am incredibly grateful to Mantram OET Coaching Centre for helping me achieve my dream of becoming an international nurse. The dedicated faculty and well-structured courses provided a conducive learning environment. The interactive sessions, practice exercises, and personalized attention boosted my confidence. Thanks to Mantram and I Highly recommend this institute.

Harshita - BSc-1223-ONTutors at Mantram OET Coaching Classes in Chandigarh near PGIMER go above and beyond to ensure every student excels. If you're looking for an academy that combines innovation with dedication, this is the place to be. The experienced team of teachers is not just mentors but also sources of inspiration

ANKANA CHAKRABORTY MN 23 147 SN 0923 ONMantram OET Academy's commitment to innovative teaching and dedicated team of Tutors has transformed the way students learn and achieve success in their OET exams. Their unique approach to instruction encourages students to think critically and creatively. Their commitment to students' success is palpable, and their guidance is invaluable.

planet nursing coaching nstitute 8I joined the Online OET Coaching Classes offered by Mantram Nursing Academy. The online study material helped me practice reading and listening sections well. My tutor, Ms Suman, helped me with writing and speaking. She helped me practice writing samples and gave me feedback to improve my grammar and vocabulary.

Online Nursing Coaching ClassesI had a fantastic experience at Mantram OET Coaching Classes. The faculty members were knowledgeable and supportive during my entire preparation time, creating a conducive learning environment. The resources and facilities provided were top-notch, enhancing my learning experience. Thanks to the personalized attention and guidance from the instructors of Mantram.

Format and Content

OET provides a valid and reliable assessment of all four language skills –Reading, listening, writing, and speaking – and emphasizes communication in medical and health professional settings. OET consists of four sub-tests:





Tests candidates' ability to


Listening40 - minutesListen and understand a range of recordings in healthcare topics from different healthcare settings


Writing45 -  minutesWrite a letter, usually a referral letter using information provided in patient case notes


Reading60 - minutesRead and understand various texts on healthcare topics from different healthcare settings


Speaking20 - minutesCommunicate with a patient in real life context through the use of role-plays


Equivalent Score: OET Grades OET Scores OET Band Descriptors with IELTS And PTE

Equivalent scores across English proficiency tests such as OET, IELTS, and PTE can benefit individuals navigating various language requirements. Understanding the correlation between OET grades, scores, and band descriptors with their counterparts in IELTS and PTE can streamline academic and professional pursuits, ensuring clear communication and accessibility across diverse linguistic landscapes.

OET Grades

OET Band DescriptorsIELTS ScoresPTE Scores
Grade-A 450-500Can communicate very fluently and effectively with patients and health professionals using appropriate register, tone and lexis.


Shows complete understanding of any kind of written or spoken language












Grade-B 350-440Can communicate very fluently and effectively with patients and health professionals using appropriate register, tone and lexis with only occasional inaccuracies and hesitations.


Shows good understanding in a range of clinical contexts.







Grade-C+ 300-340Can maintain the interaction in a relevant healthcare environment despite occasional errors and lapses, and follow standard spoken language normally encountered ,in his/her field of specialization6.564-58
Grade-C 200-290Can maintain some interaction and understand straight forward factual information in his/her field of specialization, but may ask for clarification.


Frequent errors, inaccuracies and mis-or-overuse of technical language can cause strain in communication.







OET Classes and Guidance by The Best Team of OET Tutors


Why Join Mantram OET Coaching Classes


Directional Guidance and Augmented Learning Approach: Mantram Nursing Academy was founded with a dedicated focus on addressing the needs of healthcare professionals preparing for competitive exams and supporting them in achieving their dream jobs. Our systematic efforts and augmented learning approach enable our students to set new benchmarks in the OET exam.


Perfect Study Environment for OET Exam: Besides delivering focused classroom teaching, we understand the importance of creating the right study environment. We ensure a conducive atmosphere for OET preparation by facilitating classroom discussions and tutorials and limiting classroom size to 25-30 students per batch. This allows us to achieve qualitative results with personalized attention.


Result-Oriented Coaching: Our exceptional success rate, with many qualifying students, establishes us as one of the top coaching centres for OET in the Chandigarh region. Mantram Academy leaves no stone unturned in ensuring our students' success in clearing the exam. Our result-oriented coaching approach has earned us a stellar reputation.


Structured Modules and Planned Classes: Effective teaching requires a sound module, structure, or plan for the exam. At Mantram, structured modules for the Occupational English Test are integral to our planning process. Additionally, we have designed an innovative timetable that caters to the individual learning pace of our students.


Guidance from Experienced Faculty: Our team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members ensures that each student receives personalized attention and customized support throughout their preparation journey. Through expert guidance, effective delivery, and comprehensive training, we empower our students to excel in the OET exam. This positions us as one of the best institutes for OET Exam preparation in Chandigarh.


Specialized Teaching Methodology for OET Exam: Our academicians employ a comprehensive teaching approach and have developed a technical methodology tailored explicitly for the OET exam. This approach covers concepts from basic to advanced levels using innovative pedagogy. The Mantram Study Group also offers ample opportunities for practice, revision, and addressing queries and doubts.


Inculcating Time Management in OET Exam Aspirants: To prepare our students for the real-time exam scenario, we conduct mock tests within a stipulated time frame. This practice enables our students to overcome fear and develop practical time management skills essential for the OET exam in Chandigarh.


Comprehensive Study Material and Notes: At Mantram Nursing Coaching Institute, we provide complete and comprehensive study materials for the OET exam. Our class notes, concept-oriented materials, and booklets are concise and focused.

Mantram , the Best Place for the Preparation for OET

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Join Mantram And Ace Your Preparation For OET


Mantram OET Coaching Institute provides online and traditional mode training for the Occupational English Test (OET). The OET training is available for 12 different categories of healthcare professionals, primarily focusing on nursing. By dedicating exclusive attention to training nurses, Mantram has established a unique position among the OET training institutions in India.

Our offline training options offer various course durations, including 1-month, 2-month, and 3-month programs and shorter 15-day intensive training sessions. Additionally, we provide specialized exam preparation batches. For those seeking flexibility, our online packages are highly adaptable and carefully designed to seamlessly fit into your work schedule, ensuring no compromise on quality or content.

Mantram OET Coaching Classes offer Structured Modules and Planned Classes to help students achieve their OET exam goals. With a well-organized curriculum and systematic approach, students receive comprehensive and targeted instruction tailored to their needs. The structured modules ensure all critical areas of the exam are covered thoroughly, while the planned classes ensure a logical learning progression. Following this carefully thought-out plan, students can better prepare for the OET and increase their chances of scoring high.

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Embark Your OET with Mantram Nursing Academy


Embarking on your OET journey is an essential step towards achieving your professional goals, and with Mantram OET Coaching Institute by your side, success becomes within reach. Our institute is dedicated to providing comprehensive guidance and support to aspiring healthcare professionals aiming to excel in the OET exam.

Mantram OET Coaching Institute offers many resources to enhance your OET preparation. With our comprehensive study material and meticulously crafted OET notes, you'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the exam. Our study material covers all four language skills - Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking, providing you with a solid foundation. Trust Mantram to give you the tools you need to succeed in your OET journey.

With a team of experienced instructors and a proven track record of success, we precisely map out your OET journey. Our tailored coaching programs focus on enhancing language skills, improving test-taking strategies, and familiarizing you with the exam format. From personalized study plans to mock tests and feedback, we ensure you are well-prepared and confident on exam day.

Choose Mantram OET Coaching Institute to navigate the path to success and realize your dreams of a thriving healthcare career.

Build The Confidence in You with Mantram OET Classes

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Best Nursing Coaching Instiute for Nursing

Achieve OET Success with Mantram OET Coaching Centre!


We are introducing our exclusive Crash Course for the OET exam!

Are you determined to excel in the OET exam and fulfil your dreams of a healthcare career abroad? Look no further! At Mantram OET Coaching Centre, we are thrilled to offer you our dynamic and comprehensive Crash Course. What you'll gain:

  • Access to a diverse range of study materials to boost your preparation.
  • Engage in live group classes led by our seasoned OET teachers, facilitating interactive learning.
  • Benefit from personalized one-on-one feedback sessions, ensuring you pinpoint and improve on your weaknesses.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest OET trends and materials to be thoroughly prepared.

Leap success with Mantram OET Coaching Centre. Join our Crash Course now and conquer the OET exam with confidence!

Get a Grade A! in the OET Exam with Mantram Classes

Mantram Online OET Training Institute has always been widely regarded as the best choice for preparing for the OET exam. With our team of experienced and qualified trainers, we provide comprehensive and practical training modules that cover all four language modules - reading, writing, speaking and listening. Mantram provides OET Coaching in Online and Offline platforms to suit the hectic lifestyles of healthcare professionals. Our OET training program is designed to cater to healthcare professionals' specific needs and requirements, ensuring that they are well-prepared to excel in the OET exam.

Q. What makes the mantram one of the best online coaching institute for OET Exam?

Due to several key factors, the Mantram stands out as one of the best online coaching institutes for the OET Exam:

Our expert team of highly qualified instructors brings extensive experience teaching English language proficiency exams, ensuring top-notch guidance.

Our comprehensive study materials are meticulously designed, covering all aspects of the OET syllabus and providing ample practice opportunities.

The Mantram offers personalized coaching, tailoring the learning experience to individual needs and fostering better understanding and skill development.

Our interactive online classes and simulated OET exams provide a realistic exam environment, boosting confidence and exam readiness.

With a stellar track record of successful students and glowing testimonials, The Mantram delivers exceptional OET coaching online.

Q. Why do you need to attend OET coaching?

The OET coaching course is designed for students who aim to achieve their highest possible OET grade. Once you join our online or offline classes, you will be placed in a class with students at a similar language level as yours.
Mantram provides the best course suitable for aspirants seeking expert language training through the OET Course. This OET Coaching course is ideal for nurses, doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, dentists, dieticians, and professionals associated with the medical sector.
At Mantram, we offer several packages for OET classes, including regular offline and online options, one and 2-month courses, and three weeks of crash training. We also have a 2-month evening batch for employed aspirants. If you're searching for the best OET coaching centre in Chandigarh, choose us!

Q. Who will conduct the Online OET Classes?

Mantram, a leading institute in the field of language training, conducts comprehensive and effective Online OET Coaching Classes. With a highly skilled and experienced instructor team, Mantram offers top-notch guidance to individuals aspiring to excel in the Occupational English Test (OET). Our expert coaches possess in-depth knowledge of the OET exam format, scoring criteria, and language requirements.

They employ interactive teaching methods, provide personalized attention, and offer valuable feedback to help students improve their English language proficiency and succeed in the OET exam. Mantram's Online OET Coaching Classes ensure a structured and result-oriented approach, enabling students to enhance their language skills and achieve their desired scores.

Q. Does enrolling in the Online OET Coaching Classes guarantees qualifying the exam?

Yes, enrolling in Mantram Online OET Coaching dramatically increases your chances of qualifying for the exam. Mantram is a reputable coaching institute known for its high-quality OET preparation programs. Our team of experienced instructors is well-versed in the exam format and requirements. Our online coaching provides comprehensive study materials, practice tests, and personalized guidance to help you develop the necessary skills to excel in the OET.

Mantram's coaching is designed to cover all the sections of the OET exam, including Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. They focus on enhancing your language proficiency, understanding of medical terminology, and effective communication skills. Our OET curriculum is tailored to meet the specific needs of healthcare professionals aiming to clear the OET.

Moreover, Mantram's online coaching platform offers flexibility and convenience, allowing you to study at your own pace and access resources anytime. Our experienced instructors provide regular feedback and guidance, ensuring you are on the right track to succeed in the exam.

While success in the OET ultimately depends on your efforts and dedication, enrolling in Mantram Online OET Coaching significantly improves your chances of qualifying for the exam by providing the necessary skills, knowledge, and guidance to excel in each section.

Q. Is the Online OET Coaching available free of charge?

While many might assume that quality coaching comes with a hefty price tag, we at Mantram believe in making OET coaching accessible to everyone. We offer our coaching services at a very affordable fee, keeping in mind the financial constraints many aspiring healthcare professionals face. We aim to provide you with top-notch guidance without compromising on the quality of our coaching program.

Q. How long does BSc Nursing Entrance Coaching last?

At Mantram, we provide OET coaching classes that typically span 2 to 3 months. Our comprehensive program will equip you with the necessary skills and strategies to excel in the OET examination. Our experienced instructors will guide you through each test component throughout the course, including listening, reading, writing, and speaking. We understand the importance of personalized attention, so our classes are kept small to ensure individualized support and feedback. With our structured curriculum, practice materials, and expert guidance, you can feel confident and prepared to achieve your desired OET score within 2 to 3 months.

Q. Benefits of taking the OET Exam?

If you want to clear an internationally recognized English exam and open up new opportunities, the OET exam may be the perfect choice. Designed specifically for the healthcare industry, OET simulates real-life healthcare environments and prepares you for communication tasks you can expect in an English-speaking healthcare role. Plus, regulatory healthcare boards and councils in many countries, including the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Ukraine, Dubai, and Singapore, recognize OET.

Q. Where can I find the best oet coaching centre near me?

If you're looking for the Best OET Coaching Centre Near Me, you've come to the right place! Welcome to Mantram Nursing Academy, the premier platform for OET preparation. With our unwavering commitment to excellence and a proven track record of success, we provide comprehensive coaching that caters to your needs. Our team of experienced instructors employs innovative teaching methods, extensive study materials, and personalized attention to ensure your success in the OET exam. At Mantram Nursing Academy, we prioritize your goals and provide a supportive learning environment to help you achieve your dreams. Join us today and unlock your potential in the field of healthcare.

Q. Whether Mantram comes in the list of top 10 oet coaching centre in India?

Mantram OET Coaching Institute stands among India's top 10 OET coaching centres. With a stellar track record of success, Mantram has consistently produced outstanding results for OET aspirants. Our expert faculty members, who have experienced healthcare professionals themselves, provide comprehensive training covering all four OET exam modules: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Our state-of-the-art facilities, personalized attention, and innovative teaching methodologies ensure that students receive the best possible preparation for the exam. Mantram's commitment to excellence and our student-centric approach has made us a preferred choice for OET coaching in India.

Q. Generally, what are the OET Coaching fees in India?

One thing is sure about OET coaching institutes in India: they all have different fee structures. The cost of preparing for the Occupational English Test (OET) can vary significantly from one institute to another. However, amidst this diversity, Mantram OET Coaching Institute stands out for its exceptionally affordable fee structure.

Many OET coaching institutes charge exorbitant fees, making it difficult for aspiring healthcare professionals to access quality preparation. However, Mantram OET Coaching Institute recognizes the importance of providing affordable education and support to help individuals achieve their goals.

Despite offering competitive and comprehensive OET preparation courses, Mantram OET Coaching Institute ensures that its fee structure remains accessible to a wide range of students. Their philosophy revolves around enabling aspiring healthcare professionals to excel in the OET without burdening them financially.

The affordability of Mantram OET Coaching Institute's fee structure is balanced with the quality of education provided. The institute boasts a team of experienced instructors with in-depth knowledge of the OET exam and its requirements. They employ effective teaching methodologies, personalized guidance, and ample practice opportunities to help students develop their English language proficiency and master the specific skills needed to succeed in the OET.

By offering an affordable fee structure, Mantram OET Coaching Institute aims to break down financial barriers and ensure that every aspiring healthcare professional has an equal opportunity to excel in the OET. They understand that investing in OET preparation is a significant decision for many students, and their commitment to affordability reflects their dedication to making quality education accessible to all.

Choosing Mantram OET Coaching Institute ensures comprehensive OET preparation and alleviates the financial burden that often comes with it. By providing an affordable fee structure, they make it possible for aspiring healthcare professionals across India to access high-quality education and increase their chances of achieving their OET goals.

In conclusion, while the fee structures of OET coaching institutes in India may vary, Mantram OET Coaching Institute stands out with its affordable pricing. With their commitment to providing quality education without compromising on cost, Mantram OET Coaching Institute makes OET preparation accessible to a wide range of students, ultimately helping them realize their aspirations in the healthcare industry.

Q. How do you find out about Mantram OET Coaching Institute's reputation?

At Mantram OET Coaching Institute, we understand the importance of reputation when choosing an institution for your OET preparation. We strive to provide a transparent and reliable learning experience to our students. We encourage you to explore various sources to find out about our reputation. You can check online review platforms, such as Google Reviews, where our students have shared their experiences. Additionally, you can visit our website and read testimonials from our successful candidates. We take pride in our track record of consistently helping students achieve their desired OET scores and pursue their professional goals.

Q. Is OET Tough or Easy?

Are you looking to crack the OET exam effortlessly? Look no further than Mantram OET Coaching Centre in Chandigarh. We understand that the OET may seem daunting, but with our expert guidance and comprehensive coaching, success is within your reach.

Our experienced tutors are well-versed in the intricacies of the exam, and they will provide you with the right strategies and support to tackle every section with confidence. At Mantram OET Coaching Centre, exams are relatively easy to conquer with the proper guidance. Join us today and unlock your potential for success in the OET.

Q. Can I study for OET in one month?

Yes, it is possible to prepare for the OET exam in one month. Many OET aspirants have achieved their desired grades through the one-month coaching program at Mantram OET Coaching Institute in Chandigarh. Their comprehensive coaching approach and tailored study materials have proven effective in helping students excel in the OET exam. The institute's success stories are a testament to the efficiency of its program, guiding students to success within a condensed timeframe. With dedication, focus, and the proper guidance, one can undoubtedly achieve their OET goals in just one month.

Q. Which is the Best Online Platform for OET Coaching Classes?

Mantram OET Coaching Centre is undeniably the best online platform for OET coaching classes. Our unparalleled expertise in preparing healthcare professionals for the Occupational English Test (OET) sets us apart. With a team of highly qualified instructors and a well-structured curriculum, we ensure comprehensive language training and practical exam strategies.

Students benefit from personalized attention, interactive study materials, and simulated OET exams, enhancing their confidence and performance.

Our user-friendly online interface facilitates seamless learning, catering to busy professionals worldwide. Join Mantram OET Coaching Centre today to unlock your potential and achieve your desired OET scores efficiently and effectively.

Q. Which is the best OET Coaching Institute in Chandigarh?

Mantram is the best OET Coaching Institute in Chandigarh for the following reasons: Firstly, the experienced and qualified faculty at Mantram ensures that students receive the best guidance and support throughout their OET preparation. Secondly, the institute provides comprehensive study materials and resources that cover all the necessary topics and skills required for the exam. Moreover, Mantram offers regular mock tests and practice sessions to help students assess their progress and improve their performance.

Q. How does Mantram Institution help students prepare for the OET test?

Mantram Nursing Academy offers comprehensive preparation for the OET test by providing expert guidance, personalized coaching, and extensive practice materials.

Their experienced instructors focus on improving language skills specific to the healthcare sector, ensuring students are well-versed in all four test components: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Students build confidence and proficiency through regular mock tests, feedback sessions, and targeted practice.

The academy's structured curriculum and supportive learning environment help students achieve high scores, enhancing their prospects of working or studying in English-speaking countries.

Q. How long has Mantram been teaching OET?

Mantram Nursing Academy has been providing coaching and guidance for the OET since 2019, with a focus on tailored instruction and comprehensive support. Our students' success is a testament to our effective preparation methods. With experienced instructors, specialized training materials, and consistent practice sessions, we have enabled many aspirants to achieve their desired scores. Our commitment to excellence and student success has made us a trusted name in OET preparation.

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