What is OET all about.?

Before sitting in the OET exam, you need to understand in the first place what OET exam is all about. It’s an essential English test for those who are eying nursing careers in the English-speaking countries of the world. The OET exams is a reality check of your written and spoken skills on the language. And before you take the final leap, you need to look up for a perfect OET coaching institute with a proven track record to shape your dreams into reality. And, if you succeed in making the judicious choice in selecting the one, you stand to win the race in the long run. OET has been recognized by countries like New Zealand, Australia and Singapore, et al.

OET coaching in Chandigarh

Mantram Nursing Academy is north India’s premier academy offering a high-end  OET  Coaching for nurses in Chandigarh. The Mantram Nursing Academy has a proven track record of several years dwelling on sharpening cognitive skills. We also help nursing aspirants land jobs/ placements in the top-rung medical colleges/ hospitals/institutions worldwide by offering them a perfect pitch for OET and other competitive exams.

We strongly believe that OET coaching is the immediate next step to grab exciting job opportunities across the global. It affords you an opportunity and equips you to apply for professional healthcare assignments in any English-speaking country of your choice. Given the attractive pay packages and perks offered by these countries, more healthcare aspirants with global dreams have been opting for this lucrative profession.

Established in Chandigarh more than a decade ago, the academy has worked tirelessly to achieve milestones by providing the best OET coaching centre for nurses in Chandigarh. We, at Mantram Nursing Academy, provide you with the high-end coaching to chisel out your written and spoken English language skills, including your listening skills offering an access to accent, to be precise.

Spoken skill stresses more on the accuracy of pronunciation, correct grammar, volume, fluency, tonal quality, all rolling into one. When it comes to language practice and proficiency, we conduct special classes with a view to providing the students a consistent support to make them exam- ready by connecting the dots, if any.

Our experienced faculty for OET Coaching

We have roped in a highly competent faculty with years’ of practical experience in OET coaching for nurses. Our teachers and trainers provide what others do not in terms of OET exam coaching etc. They also extend personal attention and assistance to those who are looking forward to it. This has helped us justify our claim to fame of being the best OET coaching destination in Chandigarh.

Our unique OET trainer

Mantram NursingAcademy has always held out that a competent trainer equipped with in depth knowledge of the subject can deliver his/her hundred per cent in terms of imparting the best coaching in OET. Keeping this in mind, we have roped in an experienced trainer with expertise both in English language and medical field.

Our OET Study Material

At Mantram Nursing Academy, we provide the students with updated study material specially designed for nursing students, including valuable tips by professionals, in order to master the traits of the language both spoken and written. This helps nursing students sharpen their soft skills, clearing the roadblocks for a career abroad.

Mantram Nursing/OET Academy takes care of those nurturing ambitions of a high-profile career abroad by offering excellent OET coaching under the watch of a highly proficient faculty, making a perfect pitch to live your dreams. The academy wishes its best to the young and upcoming career freaks eyeing career in health care sectors at home and abroad!

OET grading at a glance

  • This is the highest grade you can achieve in OET. This showcases your language skill and expertise.
  • This grade shows a high end of performance that reflects your language proficiency in congruous with your professional skills and requirement etc.
  • Even though touted to be an average performance level, it is not commonly acceptable in health and medical sector.
  • This is considered to be a moderate level of performance necessitating the candidate to work more on improvement.
  • This is the lowest grade which sends the alarm bells ringing that the candidate needs to go hammers and tongs to improve upon to make the final cut.

Nursing Coaching - Staff Nurse Recruitment & Nursing Entrance Exam
Nursing Coaching - Staff Nurse Recruitment & Nursing Entrance Exam

OET modules

Listening (Duration: 50 minutes)

The test is divided into two segments.

Part one of the segment comprises a conversation between a patient and the professional wherein you are required to take important notes and affix headings.

In part two, a conversation will have a conversation between a professional and patient on health-related issue. Questions relevant to the conversation are required to be answered by the candidate. These questions may be of multiple choices.

Reading (Duration 60 minutes)

The reading segment, too, is divided into two parts.

Part one contains 3 to 4 short texts that the reader has to comb through to finish a summary with the words missing. The only idea behind this is to see if the candidate could scan the text in a short span of time lasting 15 minutes.

The second part is a tad tough in the sense that it has lengthy texts related to healthcare issue. Each passage has 8 to 10 multiple choice questions the candidate is required to attempt and answer in a given time-frame of 45 minutes.

Writing (Duration: 45 minutes)

The writing task consists of letter writing segment only. In this writing segment, referral letters on transfer of patient (s).

Why choose Mantram Nursing Academy for OET Coaching?

We, at Mantram Nursing Academy, provide what others do not, in terms of providing high-end OET coaching for nurses in Chandigarh.  The state-of-the-art facilities that we provide at the academy, besides conducive environment, an expert faculty with ample experience speak volumes for our credibility. Just join us to find out an answer to your million-dollar question “Why should I join Mantram for OET exam coaching in Chandigarh?’

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