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Mantram is an institute in Chandigarh that provides coaching for the Australia AIMS Professional Examination. This exam is required for overseas graduates and professionals seeking assessment for migration to Australia. Mantram has experienced faculty and a proven track record of helping students clear the AIMS exam.

Our coaching covers all exam components, including multiple-choice questions. Mock tests are regularly conducted to assess preparation levels. Mantram also assists with completing the online application, document submission, and interview preparation, which are part of the overall AIMS assessment process.

The institute is centrally located in Chandigarh and has modern infrastructure and technology to support exam preparation. By choosing Mantram for AIMS coaching, candidates can benefit from the structured programs and doubt-clearing sessions and get the guidance needed to pass this assessment. Their high AIMS exam pass rate demonstrates their capability as a coaching center.


A distinguishing feature of Mantram AIMS Australia Medical Laboratory Scientist Coaching Institute is its commitment to individualized attention. In online classes, instructors take the time to understand each student's unique strengths and weaknesses, enabling a customized approach to teaching and learning. This ensures that every student receives personalized support and guidance.

The course materials provided by Mantram undergo rigorous evaluation and regular updates to ensure their relevance and currency. This dedication to quality distinguishes Mantram AIMS Australia from other coaching institutes, reflecting their commitment to helping students succeed in medical laboratory science. With a focus on personalized attention and high-quality materials, students can be confident in receiving top-notch education and preparation for their future careers.

Mantram Australia AIMS Professional Examination mock exam series allows students to assess their test-taking abilities and knowledge before the actual examination. This hands-on approach enables students to identify areas for improvement and tailor their study efforts accordingly.

Moreover, feedback from experienced instructors helps students refine their test-taking strategies and bolster their confidence. Through comprehensive support, Mantram AIMS Australia ensures that AIMS aspirants are well-prepared to excel in their professional examinations and pursue successful careers in medical laboratory science.


Abhinav makes Mantram Proud...

I enrolled in Mantram Nursing Coaching Center in Chandigarh to succeed in the Australia medical laboratory scientist exam. This institution has a strong reputation for preparing students effectively for international medical exams. I will diligently attend all classroom sessions for six months and complete the assigned self-study modules. Mantram offers comprehensive instruction covering all exam sections, such as Pathology, Hematology, Microbiology, Histopathology, and Transfusion science.

The experienced faculty will guide time management, test-taking strategies, and exam-related pressure.

In addition to attending classes, I've allocated two hours daily for self-study. This includes reviewing class notes, practising with sample papers, taking mock tests on specific topics, and analyzing areas needing improvement. Consistent and disciplined study will be critical to progressively enhancing my scores. Mantram also hosts regular doubt-clearing sessions to address any uncertainties.

With the structured support from Mantram and my dedicated efforts, I am confident in charting a focused path towards successfully passing the Australia medical lab scientist exam. This achievement will bring me closer to realizing my career aspiration of working abroad as a medical lab scientist.

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