Staff Nurse AIIMS Rishikesh 2018: Examination Detail

Exam Date : 20th July, 2018

Duration : 3 Hours

No. of Questions : 200 Questions

Mode of Test : Online 

Topic Covered: AIIMS Staff Nurse Recruitment Exam (Rishikesh)

  • All Nursing syllabus at B.Sc. Nursing Level. Mostly the questions were asked from Medical Surgical and Psychiatric. Mantram Nursing Academy advised all the aspirants who are preparing for Govt. Staff Nurse Recruitment Exam to thoroughly revise all the five specializations, covering the practical aspects of Nursing.

Students Opinion: Staff Nurse AIIMS Rishikesh 2018 Exam

  • Nursing Coaching - Staff Nurse Recruitment & Nursing Entrance Exam
    Nursing Coaching – Staff Nurse Recruitment & Nursing Entrance Exam

    Exam is very easy.

  • All questions and topics are well covered in the classroom.
  • Many questions were asked from Mantram Model Exam Paper.
  • Special classes were arranged for Govt. Staff Nurse AIIMS Rishikesh Exam which were highly useful for us.
  • In Mantram we got guidance from experienced teachers how to priorities patient problem that’s highly useful for us.
  • Students verbalizes that this is first exam after joining Mantram, this itself provide lot of confidence for us.
  • We are highly thankful to Mantram Nursing Academy Chandigarh in helping us to crack AIIMS Staff Nurse Exam 2018 (Rishikesh).

Coaching: Staff Nurse AIIMS Rishikesh

Dear students, we would like to inform you that Mantram Nursing Academy Chandigarh provides specialized coaching for Government Staff Nurse Recruitment Exams. We proudly announced that in Staff Nurse AIIMS Rishikesh Recruitment Exam 2018 three of our students got selected.

MCQ: Memory Based AIIMS Rishikesh Staff Nurse Exam 2018

  1. Hepatitis D spread by —Blood transfusion
  2. Antidot for heparin —Protamin sulphate
  3. BP 110/60, then MAP —77
  4. MCWP —Normal 4-14 mm. Hg
  5. Projectile vomiting  —Pyloric stenosis
  6. Wound healing diet —Vit.C
  7. Anaphylasis drug —Adrenaline
  8. Aminophylin drug —Bronchodilator
  9. Aminophylin cause —Increase Respiratory rate
  10. pH: 7.52, CO2 : 30, HCO¬3 : 24 —Respiratory alkalosis
  11. ECG —Ventricular tachycardia
  12. ECG —Supra ventricular tachycardia
  13. ECG —2nd degree heart block
  14. CPR —5 cycle (within 2 minute)
  15. Drooling saliva —TEF
  16. LBW —Hypoglycemia
  17. Rhinoplasty position —Semifowler
  18. Seizure —Side lying position (after)
  19. I/o chart calculation
  20. Hypoglycemic sign —Sweating
  21. Renal failure —Hyperkalemia
  22. Muscle cramp/bradycardia —Hyperkalemia
  23. Gastric cancer irrigation —Never
  24. NG tube —Stomach decompression
  25. Radical mastectomy —Remove muscle, lymph node all parts
  26. Cholecystoctomy for —Cholecystitis
  27. 10 yr urine pH —6
  28. Diabetic come —Polyuria
  29. Diabetic inscipidus —Increase Specific gravity
  30. Red, Warm IV Line —Phlebitis
  31. Diabetic mother —Hypoglycemia
  32. Cushings —thin extrimities
  33. Prolong PR interval —Hyperkalemia
  34. Addisions —Arrythmia
  35. Heparin —aPTT
  36. Tuberculin test —Intradermal
  37. Anmiotic fluid color —Clear
  38. Golden color amniotic fluid —Rh incompatibility
  39. Extracalorie in pregnancy —300 kcal
  40. Sedentary mother calorie —1900 kcal
  41. Negle formula —For EDD
  42. Apical pulse —4-5th left midclivicular line
  43. CVP —5-10 cm bw
  44. CVP —Measure right alrial pressure
  45. 3 cm Hw CVP indicate insufficient fluid
  46. PAP —8-20 mm Hg
  47. Urine output 1500 ml/day
  48. Urine specific gravity —1.010 – 1.030
  49. Urine pH 4.5-8
  50. Peritoneal dialysis —Normal creatinine level
  51. INH —Hepatotoxic
  52. INH —Pheripheral neuritis
  53. Pyridoxin  — For pheral neuritis
  54. Lithium contraindicated —Diuretic therapy
  55. Schizophrenia —Split personality
  56. Blood transfusion —10 m/mt (wrong)
  57. Vaginal diaphram —6 hour after intercourse
  58. Intra tentorial position —Supine
  59. 32 weeks pregnancy —Risk for respiraytory distress
  60. Flow rate IV calculation
  61. Urine collection 24 hours
  62. Pneumonia  —Lusty sputum
  63. NTG for —Increase Blood flow to Myocardium (MI)
  64. First day stool color newborn —Greenish
  65. Hyperthyroidism —Irritation
  66. Hip replacement position —Abduction
  67. Retinal retachment —Flashes of light
  68. Hyringotomy —Incease Pressure of ear
  69. Stapidectomy for hearing
  70. Seizure —Rectal temperature
  71. COPD —Venturi mask
  72. Children ET tube without cuff because pharynx seal passage
  73. Ulcerative colitis —WBC increased
  74. Ondansetron 30 mts before chemotherapy —to reduce vomiting
  75. DVT —Human Sign
  76. After cardiac catheterisation peripheral pulse
  77. Cystic fibrosis —Sweat chloride test
  78. Breast cancer metastasis to —Bone
  79. Child gain 1.2 kg in one year —Weight inadequate
  80. Thrnes —45 chromosomes
  81. DPT —Deptitheria, pertusis, tetanus
  82. TT need —5years after injury
  83. Aspirin —GI irritation
  84. Vaginal bleeding —Uterine massage
  85. Informed consent —Before surgery
  86. Tracheostomy suction —lubricate catheter in NS
  87. 15 ml equal to 1 table spoon
  88. Position change  —1-2 hourly

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