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Mantram is one of the leading Coaching Institute in Chandigarh that prepares students NCLEX, MOH, HAAD, DHA and CRNE exams. With a legacy of over 15 years, we have been assisting nurses who are preparing for mandatory registered nurse qualifying exams. The registered nurse course structure at Mantram the Best NCLEX Coaching Centre in Punjab is well designed to meet every student’s needs. The investment of a nursing aspirant is efficiently utilized with the excellence of education provided by the top panel of faculties of the institute.

Our highly qualified team of nursing tutors are helping professionals nurses to migrate to foreign countries such as US, Canada, Qatar, Saudi, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, etc. by providing the exam oriented training for various competitive and register nurse licensing exams such as PROMETRIC, NCLEX, MOH, PTE, DHA, HAAD, etc.

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Chelliboyana Vineela MN 23 007 SN 0423 ONMantram NCLEX Coaching Classes in Punjab stands out as an excellent institution with a highly qualified team of nursing tutors with a wealth of experience of more than ten years. The skill of the NCLEX educators is visible in their ability to simplify complex NCLEX subjects, assuring comprehensive learning.

Bhavana SHukla (MN-23-145) SN-0823-ONThe classes stand out as the top choice for NCLEX exam preparation. The dedication of every tutor is not just exceptional; it's unwavering. They are committed to maintaining high standards in quality and syllabus coverage, ensuring that every student is well-prepared. I have never encountered such passionate individuals in my life.

Arti Sharma (MN-23-024) SN-0423-ONIf you're serious about NCLEX RN exam preparations and looking for a place where your doubts may be quickly cleared, Mantram Online NCLEX Coaching Classes in Chandigarh Near Panjab University is the best option. Enrolling here has not just prepared me for the exam, but it has transformed my life.

Mohinder Kaur - BSc-0224-ONWhat distinguishes Mantram NCLEX Classes in Punjab Academy is its commitment to excellence and the personalized attention offered to students. The teachers are friendly, always willing to clear up confusion and foster a positive learning environment. Their engaging teaching style and attention made my experience both entertaining and productive.

Q. Best Strategies for Studying for the NCLEX

When preparing for the NCLEX, prioritize the knowledge gained from your nursing education over hands-on experience. Practices at some facilities might diverge from the principles emphasized by the NCLEX. To improve your chances, approach select-all-that-apply questions by considering each option as true or false, helping you weed out incorrect answers. Aim to limit your time on each question to no more than one minute to maintain a steady pace throughout the exam.

Q. Ideal Study Duration for the NCLEX

The amount of study time needed for the NCLEX varies significantly among individuals, depending on their starting level of preparedness. It is common for recommendations to span from one to three months. While some guidance suggests it's possible to prepare within a month, extending your preparation beyond four weeks is advisable to ensure a thorough understanding and readiness for the exam.

Q. Challenging Aspects of the NCLEX

The most difficult questions on the NCLEX demand a solid grasp of various nursing domains, including theory, pharmacology, pathophysiology, and practical nursing interventions. These questions may introduce intricate scenarios that involve managing multiple patients or making critical decisions amid conflicting information, testing your ability to navigate complex clinical situations effectively.

Q. What is the NCLEX Passing Score

The NCLEX employs a logit scoring system, with a base score of 0.00 as the threshold for passing. Achieving a score above 0.00 indicates that you've correctly answered sufficient questions to pass. Conversely, a negative score signifies that the number of correctly answered questions must be increased to meet the passing criteria.

Q. Assessing the Difficulty of the NCLEX

Although the perceived difficulty of the NCLEX can vary widely among individuals, it is universally acknowledged as a challenging test. It evaluates critical thinking skills, the practical application of nursing knowledge, and the ability to make sound and effective decisions in clinical settings.

Q. What are NCLEX-style questions?

The NCLEX-RN examination consists of multiple-choice questions with four options, designed to test candidates at the application and analysis level of difficulty. These questions are predominantly text-based but may incorporate charts, tables, or graphical images to assess a candidate's clinical reasoning and decision-making skills.

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