How to Crack BSc MNS Nursing Competitive Exams 2021

A high score in your MNS entrance exam is a must to pursue your dream of serving the Indian Army, But to get that to happen and how you do it is also important. While most choose to crack that MNS entrance exam by joining coaching institutes, there are some aspirants that wish or want to challenge themselves by taking up the task on their own. However, the one question that comes in every aspirant’s mind before beginning with the MNS preparation is Will I get a high score in my MNS entrance exam, and will it be enough to get me through to the Army Nursing Institutes which comes under MNS?’ and it most definitely weighs more on the minds of the MNS aspirants that wish to prepare themselves without coaching.

Mantram Nursing Academy Chandigarh gives you 6 different methods or ways through which you can crack MNS Entrance 2021

1. Know Your Exam: MNS 2021

The first thing to keep in mind when you begin your preparation for MNS Exam 2021 is getting to know the exam pattern and syllabus of MNS in detail. Next, a comprehensive plan needs to be made before you start the preparation for the exam. To implement the plan, you need to go through previous years’ question papers and analysis so you can understand the importance of each topic and set your priorities accordingly. The MNS Exam is a multiple-choice test with the main focus on 3 major areas, viz. General Intelligence, General English, and Science (Biology, Physics, and Chemistry).

how to crack MNS Exam 2021
how to crack MNS Exam 2021

2. Start Early

While the repeaters need only a few months to revise, the aspirants who are giving the exam for the first time need to start preparing early, at least a year before the actual MNS Exam 2021. This gives enough time to the aspirant to cover the syllabus in-depth and moreover the early you complete the syllabus, the more time you will get for revision. It should not be just to crack MNS but to come in the merit so that you can get admission in the 6 best nursing institutes/colleges which come under MNS. The name of the colleges with a total number of seats is given below:

1. CON, AFMC Pune 40

2. CON, CH (EC) Kolkata 30

3. CON, INHS Asvini 40

4. CON, AH (R&R) New Delhi 30

5. CON, CH (CC), Lucknow 40

6. CON, CH (AF) Bangalore 30


3. Make a Schedule

Make a Proper Plan for your preparation and Stick to it! Going into the trouble of creating a plan and not implementing it makes no sense and is a self-defeating purpose.  A schedule which you make for the self-preparation should have the number of hours you are prepared to study every day and when you expect topics to be completed. Mantram Nursing Academy Chandigarh advises the students who are preparing for MNS Entrance is to study at least 6 to 8 hours a day.

4. Take Mock Tests: MNS Entrance 2021

Make sure you take at least more than 10-full-length mock tests covering all the three sections i.e General Intelligence, General English, and Science (Biology, Physics and Chemistry), and at least 50-100 sectional tests. Sectional tests will help the MNS aspirants to check their preparation level for each section of the MNS exam. It is advisable from the Mantram Nursing Academy Chandigarh to take the sectional tests of the topics before starting a full-length mock.

MNS 2021 Preparation: Month-Wise Time-Table

Here’s a quick time frame for One Year MNS 2021 preparation. This is a broad distribution of the MNS 2021 preparation time frame into phases. You can alter the timetable given here according to your need.



March to September

Complete the entire syllabus of MNS 2021

September to October

Experiment with exam strategy, Take sectional tests, practice question selection, Sample papers & focus on speed and accuracy building

October to November

You have to start solving full-length mock tests

November – Till Exam

You have to focus on revision & mock tests


Kiran Kumari
Kiran Kumari

Feedback of Our Students

In your Journey, my parents and friends are constant sources of inspiration and acted as pillars of strength to shape my Nursing Career Journey. Also, I am amazed by the commitment of Mantram Nursing Academy in Chandigarh.  I got to learn a lot from the experiences of teachers and mentors. The most important lesson I learned while preparing for MNS Exam is to work hard with a better, smarter plan, practice- time management, overcoming fears, and on the top, don’t stop believing in self.

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