Indian army military nursing services
Indian army military nursing services

Military Nursing Services Entrance Test

Now that Military Nursing Services Entrance Test (MNS) is only one months away, the hour is now to fuel the preparation more than ever. While it is very normal for pressure to come in the mind of the aspirants during these months, there are always ways to handle it in calmer ways. In fact, sometimes it is the jitter and the nerves that pushes one to perform better.

The first and utmost thing is to put away any kind of doubt. Complete positivity is a ‘mool  mantra’ that cannot be possessed by all. But you must try and stay absolutely positive about the MNS Entrance Exam.

Believe in all the hard work you have done and avoid rushing to cover new topics in the last hour. The actions done by you in the last hour while panicking mostly end reckless. Stay calm and give it your 100% .

Here are some last-minute MNS Entrance preparation tips in an attempt to help cope with nerves and perform better

  • While making your study chart, make sure to keep the  time for revision. As suggested by our expert panel of faculty for MNS Coaching, is that the  last minute revision is a good thing, last-minute studying (new topics) isn’t. Revise every topic which you’ve already completed to make sure you don’t forget.
  • As far as General Intelligence is concern, the analysis based on past MNS Entrance Exam trend shows  that it is also the important section which usually students take lightly , therefore it is suggested that the aspirants should give equal weight age if they want to come in the merit or want to crack the MNS Exam.
  • Continue to do quick revisions for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Though this section may not require as much practice session as English section, it does need timely memory-refreshing revisions. Apply the same method for other sections.
  • While some things are predictable and one can prepare for it, there are every now and then elements of surprises that come with MNS  Exam. Do not be surprised on coming across questions having the difficulty level  extra-high. Go through all the sections and start your paper attempt with the familiar questions first.

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