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Mantram Nursing Academy is providing you with some Memory Based Questions of ESIC Staff Nurse Recruitment Exam 2021. The following Memory Based Questions are prepared by our Team of Experts. In case you find any answer wrong please feel free to contact us on 9779797575, 9463049859. We would also like to inform you that fresh batches for Nursing Officer Recruitment Exam / Government Staff Nurse Recruitment Exam and Nursing Entrance Exam.

1. Anterior fontanalle closes at —9 to 18 months
2. Immovable joint —Synarthrosis
3. Bells palsy is cause by cranial nerve —VII
4. Which of the following abortion in which there is vaginal bleeding in first trimester and no cervix dialation —Threatened Abortion
5. Which bone is a part of Axial skeletal system —Hyoid bone
6. MRSA Meaning —Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureas
7. DALY meaning —Disability Adjusted Life Year
8. Veracity meaning —True to one’s agreement
9. In a patient high dose of acetaminophen over a prolonged period parameters to be monitored regularly? —Liver enzymes

10. Lactational amenorrhea prevents conception of pregnancy by —Preventing Ovulation
11. GAS in stress is —General Adaptation Syndrome
12. Types of hypersensitivity reactions due to IGE —Type-II
13. Mortality Rate is indicated by —Crude Death Rate
14. Pepsinogen in the stomach is secreted by —Chief Cells
15. Schultze and Duncan process —Separation of placenta
16. Demographic Cycle —Lag > Exponential > Stationery > Decline
17. Mechanism of Labour —Descent > Flexion > Internal Rotation > Crowning > Extension
18. Lateral Transmission of Virus —Through Placenta
19. Neagles Rules is for —Calculating EDD
20. According to Frued theory 1-3 year age group is—Anal stage

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