PhD Program in Nursing

PhD Program in Nursing Philosophy

The National Health Policy (N.H.P.) of 2002 emphasizes the necessity of training nurses to work in specialized areas crucial for tertiary care facilities. It grants nurses the limited authority to perform specific public health tasks after appropriate training, advocating for more nurses to hold degrees rather than diplomas.

There is a pressing need for more nursing faculty in both undergraduate and graduate programs in India. A doctoral degree is essential for preparing nurse scholars who can elevate the standards of nursing practice and education nationwide.

Doctoral education in nursing focuses on advancing theoretical development and research skills, building upon the foundational knowledge gained at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Nurse scholars are tasked with establishing a robust theoretical and empirical framework for nursing practice, conducting impactful research, assuming leadership roles in complex healthcare and educational settings, and contributing to healthcare policy development.

The primary objective of doctoral education is to cultivate nurse scholars capable of enhancing nursing education, research, practice, and knowledge dissemination by developing and applying nursing knowledge effectively.

Goals of the Program:

  1. Conduct nursing-related research.
  2. Develop nursing science and theories.
  3. Integrate knowledge from nursing and other disciplines to create and evaluate health-related theories.
  4. Demonstrate leadership in nursing research, teaching, and practice.
  5. Disseminate research findings and theoretical developments effectively.


To advance doctoral education in various nursing specialties, the Indian Nursing Council (I.N.C.), in collaboration with Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) and the World Health Organization (W.H.O.), has established the National Consortium in Nursing (referred to as the PhD Consortium). This consortium aims to promote research in diverse nursing specialties.

The National Consortium for PhD in Nursing, established by the Indian Nursing Council, plans to launch a PhD nursing program under the auspices of RGUHS. Six study centers have been recognized, including I.N.E. Mumbai, R.A.K. College of Nursing New Delhi, and C.M.C. College of Nursing Vellore, C.M.C. College of Nursing Ludhiana, Govt. College of Nursing Thiruvananthapuram, and Govt. College of Nursing Hyderabad. These centers will be interconnected via video conferencing facilities. An M.O.U. has been signed between RGUHS, W.H.O., and I.N.C.

Schedule of Events:

  1. Initial registration: July 1st of each year
  2. Submission of half-yearly progress reports: July 15th and January 15th
  3. Pre-PhD examination after acceptance of progress reports and one year from provisional registration
  4. Verification of enrollment post-preliminary doctoral exam
  5. Submission of ethical clearance certificate within a year of temporary registration
  6. Submission of final research synopsis for PhD degree
  7. Submission of PhD thesis within six months of final synopsis approval
  8. Viva voce examination upon approval of the doctoral thesis
  9. Ethical clearance required from data collection institutions


  1. Pre-Ph.D. examinations are to be conducted at designated study centers.
  2. Study spaces equipped with video conferencing for academic activities.
  3. Applicants and guides must be accessible to their nearest study centers.
  4. Potential subject changes are allowed within a year.
  5. Nursing implications integral to chosen topics.

For inquiries about the Ph.D. program, please get in touch with the Indian Nursing Council at

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