REVIEW OF AIIMS Rishikesh Nursing Officer/Staff Nurse (Grade-II) 

Nursing Officer Job Vacancies in AIIMS
AIIMS Rishikesh nursing officer staff nurse recruitment
  • AIIMS Rishikesh conducted a national-level recruitment exam for the post of Nursing Officer/Staff Nurse (Grade-II) on 8th February 2019. Thousands of aspirants from various part of the country eyeing a lucrative career in nursing appeared in the
  • Exam Pattern: AIIMS Rishikesh Nursing Officer/Staff Nurse (Grade-II) exam
  • of Questions: 200
  • Each Correct Answer: 5 Marks
  • Each Wrong Answer: 1 Mark
  • Syllabus: Part A (Nursing Subject – 80%), Part B (General Aptitude, GK, Math’s – 20%)
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Timing: 9 AM to 12 PM
  • Mode of Exam: CBT (Computer Based Test)
  • Regarding Question Paper: AIIMS Rishikesh Nursing Officer/Staff Nurse (Grade-II) exam
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Question Paper Aspect: Clinical Oriented
  • According to our students who had appeared in the exam 50% of questions were from the subject Medical-Surgical, 5% GK, 5% Math’s, 20% FON, 10% Nursing Image based questions, 2.5% OBG, 10%

Our Students Approach

The view of our student who appeared in the exams from Mantram Nursing Coaching Centre Chandigarh were that almost all questions were from the topic discussed by the teachers before the AIIMS exam. We had provided special classes for the AIIMS Rishikesh exam like:

  • Picture Identification Class (Various procedure positions, OT instruments, critical care setting).
  • All complex concepts are explained by experienced teachers by using models and charts.
  • Thus, they thanked Mantram @ Nursing Coaching Centre for the best nursing study material and experience & expert nursing coaching

Result of AIIMS Rishikesh Nursing Exam 2019

  • Result of tentatively expected in the last week of February 2019. For more details kindly visit the official
  • Memory-based questions on AIIMS Rishikesh Staff Nurse Exam Question Paper 2019 which was held on 8th February 2019. These memory-based questions are prepared by the expert faculty of Mantram Nursing Academy the renowned institute for Staff Nurse Coaching in
  1. Normal pulse rate ®60
  2. the pH of blood ®7.35 7.45
  3. The specific gravity of urine ®1.020 030
  4. Apical pulse ®5th intercostal space midclavicular line
  5. Snellen chart used for ®Visual acquity
  6. Position after lumbar puncture ®Supine without pillow
  7. The antidote of heparin ®Protamine sulfate
  8. The normal value of IOP ®12-20 mmHg
  9. The richest source of Vit. C ®Fresh orange juice
  10. Aspirin is given with ®Milk
  11. LMP was 5th, EDD ®12th May
  12. During anxiety, ®Activity increased
  13. BCG route ®ID
  14. Paralytic ileus assess by ®Absent bowel sign
  15. Diet for dumping syndrome ®High protein, high fat, low carbohydrate
  16. Position for meningomyelocele patient ®Prone
  17. Meningitis long term complication ®Mental retardation
  18. If redness in coccyx area, what will be the nursing intervention ®Reposition every 1-2 hour
  19. Pedal pulse ®At top of foot dorsalis pedis
  20. Food is given in early morning sickness ®Dry cracker or two before bed out
  21. Long time GI suctioning cause ®Metabolic alkalosis
  22. Schilling test ®24 hr urine
  23. The causative agent of tetanus ®Clostridium tetanus
  24. The causative organism of leprosy ®Mycobacterium lepra
  25. Vector of dengue ®Aedes
  26. Maximum dose of IM given in gluteal ®3mlPatient with sangastaken Blackmore tube have respiratory distress which nursing intervention ®Cut the tube and withdraw the tube then intubate
  27. Desire dose is 0.75g, tablet available in 250 mg. How many tablets have to be given ®3 tablets
  28. DPT route ®IM
  29. DPT sight ®Vastous lateralis
  30. CPR ratio in adult ®30:2
  31. APGAR score at    1    and   5   minute   is      What   will   be   the    nursing intervention ®Provide oxygenation
  32. Serious complication after chemotherapy ®Bone marrow depression
  33. Injondasterone  must    be    given   in   chemotherapy ®30 minute   before chemotherapy
  34. Patient suffering from Hep A, what nursing education must be  provided  to  family ®Don’t share utensils
  35. The earliest symptom of increased ICP ®Altered level of consciousness
  36. Position after tonsillectomy ®Side line
  37. 10 ml will be given in how many teaspoon ®2
  38. ECG changes in hyperkalemia ®Tall T wave
  39. Hyperkalemia management ®Insulin + Dextrose
  40. Before CPR pulse assess during cardiac arrest ®Not more than 10 seconds
  41. While 2 rescuer are providing CPR to adult after how many cycles, they will change their position ®After 5 cycle
  42. Foot drop is prevented by ®Foot drop
  43. Patient with seizure priority ®Prevent injury and side lie position
  44. The patient is immunocompromised which precaution is used ®Protective
  45. The most common type of anemia in India® Iron deficiency
  46. Patient with thrombocytopenic purpura, nursing action is to observe for ®Gum bleeding
  47. Patient with myasthenia gravis the nurse will check for ®Respiratory status
  48. Symptoms of multiple sclerosis ®Hyperreflexia of lower extremities
  49. In retinal detachment, strenuous activities avoided for ®Six weeks
  50. Symptoms of osteoarthritis ®Joint pain, swelling & limiting O.M.
  51. In dumping syndrome ®Limit fluid with a meal
  52. TPN started slowly during initial because of ®Electrolyte imbalance
  53. Finding of ulcerative colitis ®WBC 16,000
  54. Patient with hemophilia having swelling, joint pain what will be the nursing intervention ®Cold compression
  55. 15 U insulin in 100 ml, we need  to  give  3  U/Hr,  how  much  ml  should  be  given ®6ml/Hr
  56. Capital of South Australia ®Adelade
  57. Capital of Dadar & Nagar Haveli ®Silvasa
  58. Capital of South Africa ®Cape Town
  59. CM of Uttarakhand ®Trivendra Singh Rawat
  60. Governor of Uttarakhand ®Baby Rani Maurya
  61. President of India ®Ram Nath Kovind
  62. Vice President is the member of the Ex-Co-office of ®Rajya Sabha
  63. Crutch is used ®2-3 inch below the axilla
  64. 80 students in class 30% are girls, how many are boys ®56
  65. 1 Jan. 2007 was Monday, 1 Jan. 2008 will be ®Tuesday
  66. A shopkeeper bought a bicycle for Rs.4000 and sold for Rs.3200 what is the percentage of profit or loss ®20%
  67. Tremors in Parkinsonism ®Resting tremors
  68. After AED®CPR is resume
  69. What is hematocrit ®RBC in 100 mL of blood
  70. In liver cirrhosis which liver enzyme is increased ®SGPT
  71. The patient is going for cholesystogram, the nurse will assess for ®Allergy for iodine
  72. A can speed 80 km/hr and after 3.5 hr ®280km

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