This exam was conducted on 28.10.2017 (Forenoon)

Many students appeared in this examination. It covers almost all states of India.

We want to share the views of students from Mantram Nursing Coaching Centre Chandigarh who appeared in this exam.

On behalf of Mantram Coaching Centre special classes are arranged for AIIMS – Rishikesh Exam like:

    • Picture identification class (Critical Care Setting, ICU, Emergency Instrument, OBG – Various position and presentation).
    • All complex concepts are explained by experienced teachers by using models and chart.
    • This AIIMS Rishikesh exam is very easy for us. Because almost all questions are come from the topic discussed by the teachers before exam.
    • Out strength of coaching are mainly focused on
      • Fluid and Electrolytes
      • ECG
      • Intensive care
      • Explained with diagrams and tables
      • Many revision classes
      • Frequent model exams
  • Really everyone felt like all questions are asked from familiar topics.
  • So everyone did with full confidence and definitely we will succeed.
  • We are thankful to Mantram Coaching Centre.

Exam Pattern of AIIMS Rishikesh : 28.10.2017

  • It consist of 200 questions.
  • 150 questions from Nursing syllabus.
  • 50 questions from General Aptitude.
  • Each correct answer comprise of 4 marks and for wrong answer – 1 mark.
  • It carrier around 30 questions with multiple options this question carries 6 marks.
  • Total marks for this exam is 860.

Brief Description on Question Paper

I) From Nursing Syllabus

Nursing Coaching - Staff Nurse Recruitment & Nursing Entrance Exam
Nursing Coaching - Staff Nurse Recruitment & Nursing Entrance Exam

Around 60% of questions they covered from Medical Surgical Nursing and Critical, Care settings. Among this.

  • 15 Questions from Endocrinology.
  • 5 Questions from Cardiology.
  • 5 Questions from Respiratory System.
  • 5 Questions from Oncology.
  • 10 Questions from Fluid & Electrolyte Balance.
  • 5 Questions from ECG.
  • 5 Questions from Antidot.
  • 3 Questions from Enzymes.
  • 4 Questions from Nephrology.
  • 3 Questions from Normal Values.

II) Regarding OBG they covered around 15% of questions

  • 5 questions are picture identification.
  • 2 Labour management.
  • 2 Antinatal, postnatal care.

III)  From Paediatric Nursing 15% Question

  • 3 Questions from Congenital defects.
  • 2 Questions from Growth & Development.
  • 3 Questions from Infections Diseases.

IV) Regarding Mental Health Nursing and Community Health Nursing they focused 20%

  • 5 Questions on Immunisation.
  • 5 Questions on Defense Mechanism.
  • 2 Questions from Substance Abuse.

 Result of AIIMS Rishikesh Nursing Exam 2017

  • The result is tentatively expected in the last week of November 2017. For more details kindly visit the official website.

Mantram Coaching Centre students approach towards this exam:

  • All questions of AIIMS Rishikesh Nursing Exam 2017 were expected ones. Mostly it was discussed by our teachers before exam.
  • Regarding picture identification and multiple response questions. All pictures are illustrated by our teachers before the examination.

Memory Based Questions of AIIMS Rishikesh Nursing Exam 2017 which was held on 28th October, 2017. These memory based questions are prepared by the expert faculty of Mantram Study Group, the renowned institute for Staff Nurse Coaching in Chandigarh.


  1. Siling test —Vit. 12 absorption.
  2. Patient on lithium therapy expected problem —Hyponatremia
  3. Sign of lead poisoning —Intellectual disability and tingling sensation.
  4. Solution for cleaning tracheostomy tube —Hydrogen peroxide
  5. Eradicated disease in world —Small pox
  6. Monteux test consider positive —More than 10mm
  7. Electrolyte imbalance seen in Addision —Sodium
  8. 7 year old child gain weight 1.2 kg in a year this child is —Growth Retarded
  9. Nursing intervention during placental expulsion —Fundal Massage/Pressure
  10. Infant of V-P shunt failure the nurse assess the —Crying loudly
  11. Expected nurses salary on 7th CPC —70,000 per month
  12. First nurse —Florence Nightingale
  13. Which state has low density of nurses —Tripura
  14. Demonetization date for currency Rs.1000 & 500 —8/11/2016
  15. Current reserve bank Governor —Urjit Patel
  16. Inauguration of AIIMS Bilaspur —03.10.2017
  17. First B.SC. Nursing started at —1946
  18. Railway Minister —Piyush Goyal
  19. Nerve in extra ocular muscles —3rd, 4th, 6th nerve
  20. Expected problem of baby of GDM mother —Hypoglycemia
  21. On ABG report pH = 7.35, PC2 : 62, HCO3 : 28 it indicate —Compensated Respiratory Acidosis
  22. Signs and symptoms of Esophageal Artesia —Coughing, Chocking, Cyanosis
  23. Which state is heart of India —MP
  24. Common anemia in pregnancy —Iron deficiency anemia
  25. Position of Abdominal examination —Supine
  26. Nurses day theme : 2017 —A voice to lead
  27. First Cardiac Marker in MI —Myoglobin
  28. Normal CVP —3-8 mm Hg
  29. Best location for bone marrow biopsy in infants —Iliac creast
  30. Sequence of CPR —Compression – Airway – Breathing
  31. Diet for crohns disease —High calorie & high protein
  32. Drug in anaphylactic shock —Adrenalin/Epinephrin
  33. Maternal and height health day —1st October
  34. Pain in ulcerative colitis —Cramping
  35. Antidot for paracetamol —N-Acetyl cystein
  36. TNAI established —1908
  37. Position during tonsillectomy —Rose position
  38. Sign of aspirin toxicity —Tinnitus
  39. GDP rate in 2017 —57% June 2017
  40. Administration Vit. B6 with TB drug for —Prevent peripheral neuropathy
  41. Antidots of heparin —protamin sulphate
  42. Antidots of MgSO—Calcium gluconate
  43. Hypokalemia ECG Change —U-wave
  44. Asphyxia seen in —ARDS
  45. Phenitoine side effect —Oral bleed
  46. Cushing syndrome leads to —Hypokalemia
  47. Iodine given after subtotal thyroidectomy —It stimulate secretion of thyroid
  48. Hypoxia patient need which type of mask used —Face mask without breather
  49. Diet for Liver disease —Low protein
  50. Sign of meningitis —Nuchal rigidity


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