If a report on the Indian Defense coronavirus dated February 3, 2020, is to be believed, doctors in Thailand have invented a new medicine to treat coronavirus successfully with a combination of medicines used in treating diseases like HIV and flu. The doctors assert that they have successfully treated one coronavirus patient with the wonder medicine, a concoction of anti-viral medicines, revealed the Ministry of Health communiqué on Sunday.

Thailand doctors invent new medicine to combat corona virus
Thailand doctors invent new medicine to combat coronavirus

According to Thailand Health Ministry, the doctors claimed to have successfully treated a Chinese woman patient infected with coronavirus, stating that amazing results were seen immediately after the treatment kick-started with a cocktail of anti-viral medicines used to in the treatment of flu and HIV.

If reports are to be believed, a whopping 17388 people around the globe are reported to have been infected with coronavirus while 362 have lost their lives due to the deadly virus, 17205 among them are only from China.

Doctors in Thailand have invented new medicine by combining some medicines used in the treatment of HIV and flu. The Thailand government claims the medicine had amazing results, adding that within 48 hours after administering the medicine, the affected patients start bouncing back on the fast recovery trail.

“The HIV medicines lopinavir and ritonavir mixed with anti-flu medication oseltamivir and the mixture of medicine were tried and tested on three patients in Thailand and the results were amazing” director of the Rajavithi Hospital in Bangkok revealed, the other day.

Doctor Kriangsak Atipornwanich, at Rajavithi Hospital in Bangkok, said that he administered the medicine to a 71-year-old female patient with severe conditions, and it started showing positive results within no time. The patient, he claimed, started responding to the treatment within 48 hours, which is now a matter of record”, he said

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Doctor Kriangsak Atipornwanich claimed that he invented the new medicine to treat coronavirus by combining the anti-flu medicines. This medicine has proved a boon in disguise for the patients infected with the virus. The medicine is being tested in the lab to make it work wonders.

A total of 19 confirmed cases of coronavirus are said to have occurred in Thailand by far. Of them, 8 patients were successfully treated and cured within 14 days and sent back to their homes, while 11 were under treatment. Doctor Krensak Atiepornwanich has expressed the hope for their faster recovery.

The government of Thailand has sent this rare medicine to its central laboratory to make it even more robust and accurate. If the medicine passed the laboratory test, it may be presumed it is the first major success in inventing a patent medicine for the treatment of coronavirus.

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