Experience of MNS Interview and MNS Interview Questions Asked: A Success Story of MS Vanita

Ms Vanita Sharma, hailing from Himachal Pradesh, embarked on her journey to join the military nursing service and sought the guidance of Mantram MNS Coaching Institute. After diligently preparing and clearing the MNS Written Exam 2017, she advanced to the crucial stage of facing the MNS Interview. Her interview was scheduled on 12th September 2017 at an Army-based hospital in New Delhi, and this pivotal moment would determine her entry into the esteemed Military Nursing Service.

The MNS Interview, a crucial component of the selection process, plays a significant role in evaluating the candidates' aptitude, knowledge, and suitability for a career in military nursing. Ms Vanita shared her insights into the interview, providing valuable information for aspiring candidates.

The duration of the MNS Interview was brief, lasting between 5 to 10 minutes. The interview panel welcomed her and requested a self-introduction, a chance for her to make a positive first impression. Confidence and clarity in self-introduction can set the tone for the rest of the interview. Ms Vanita's preparation paid off, and confidently presented herself to the panel.

The interview panel focused on nursing care in clinical settings, aiming to assess her understanding of patient care and medical practices, which are crucial aspects of military nursing. The questions posed were:

Q.1: How do you manage a patient with chest drainage?

Q.2: What nursing care would you provide for hyperpyrexia?

Q.3: What measures can be taken to reduce fever?

These questions were designed to evaluate her theoretical knowledge and her ability to think critically and apply that knowledge practically. Ms Vanita skillfully answered each question, demonstrating her expertise and proficiency in nursing care.

The panel also tested her general knowledge with a straightforward question:

Q.1: What is the total number of states in India?

As Ms Vanita diligently studied the Nursing Study Material provided by Mantram MNS Coaching Institute, she confidently answered the general knowledge question. Her overall MNS Interview experience was excellent, thanks to the comprehensive preparation provided by the institute. The coaching and guidance from the experienced faculty at Mantram Nursing Academy significantly contributed to her success. The result of the MNS Interview was declared on the same day, and with great joy, Ms Vanita learned that she had successfully cleared the MNS Interview, moving one step closer to her dream of serving in the Military Nursing Service.

In conclusion, Ms Vanita Sharma's success story exemplifies the importance of focused preparation and expert guidance in cracking the MNS Interview. The thoughtful selection of questions by the interview panel ensured a comprehensive assessment of the candidate's nursing knowledge and general awareness. Mantram MNS Coaching Institute's dedication to nurturing and shaping aspiring MNS candidates proved instrumental in Ms Vanita's success.

For future MNS aspirants seeking either Offline or Online MNS Coaching, Mantram Nursing Academy comes highly recommended for its quality coaching and excellent track record of producing successful candidates.

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