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Mantram Academy is an emerging preeminent institution for pharmacy graduates aspiring to build a healthcare career abroad. Renowned for its comprehensive curriculum and expert faculty, Mantram Academy provides unparalleled training and guidance, ensuring students are well-prepared for international healthcare opportunities.

The academy's focus on excellence and innovation equips graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the global pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. With a commitment to fostering professional growth and development, Mantram Academy is a beacon of quality education and career advancement for pharmacy graduates aiming to succeed abroad.

Conquer the Knowledge Assessment of Pharmaceutical Sciences (KAPS) Exam on your first attempt through Mantram's specialized Online Coaching Classes tailored for pharmacists aspiring to make a career in Australia. Mantram in Chandigarh is known to be the best coaching institute for pharmacy professionals, offering comprehensive and targeted preparation strategies.

With experienced instructors, a structured curriculum, and personalized guidance that values your unique journey, Mantram ensures that each student gains the knowledge and confidence needed to excel in the KAPS exam. Join Mantram to realize your aspirations and embark on a successful pharmaceutical career in Australia.


Do Mantram offers Online KAPS coaching?

Yes, Mantram offers online KAPS coaching. Our comprehensive program is designed to help candidates prepare effectively for the KAPS exam with the convenience of online learning. Our experienced instructors provide detailed lessons, practice questions, and personalized feedback to ensure you are well-prepared. The flexible schedule allows you to study at your own pace, and our interactive platform makes learning engaging and efficient. Join Mantram's online KAPS coaching to enhance your knowledge, skills, and confidence for success in the exam.

Why Join MANTRAM KAPS Coaching Classes


Mantram offers a comprehensive curriculum covering all KAPS exam topics, ensuring a deep understanding of subjects. The courses are designed to provide foundational knowledge and advanced insights tailored to the evolving patterns of the KAPS examination.


Our faculty comprises seasoned KAPS officers and experienced educators who provide expert guidance and mentorship. Their practical insights and strategic teaching methods help students grasp complex concepts and excel in their KAPS preparation.


Mantram Academy offers personalized mentorship programs where students receive one-on-one guidance. Mentors help create study plans, address individual weaknesses, and provide motivation, ensuring a focused and efficient preparation journey.


Our robust test series is designed to leave no stone unturned in your preparation. It simulates the actual KAPS exam environment with regular mock tests, practice papers, and detailed feedback. This comprehensive approach ensures that you are fully prepared and confident on exam day.

Learn from the best and turn your dreams into reality

Learn from the best and turn your dreams into reality with Mantram, your ultimate guide to acing the Australia KAPS Exam. Our expert instructors, comprehensive study materials, and tailored coaching sessions ensure you're fully prepared to succeed. Join Mantram today and transform your aspirations into achievements, confidently clearing the KAPS Exam and advancing your career in Australia.

With our proven track record and dedicated support, your success is just a step away. Trust Mantram to help you realize your potential and reach new heights in your professional journey

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Q. What is the KAPS Exam?

The KAPS (Knowledge Assessment of Pharmaceutical Sciences) Exam assesses the knowledge and skills of pharmacists who wish to practice in Australia. It is an essential step for pharmacists trained outside of Australia to ensure they meet the required standards. The aspirants preparing for the KAPS exam may join Mantram for the best guidance and coaching.

Q. What are the KAPS Exam Dates?

The KAPS Exam is conducted multiple times a year. Specific dates can be found on the official KAPS exam website or through your KAPS Coaching Centre.

Q. What is the fee for the KAPS Exam in India?

The KAPS Exam fees in India can vary. For accurate information, it is recommended that you check the latest fee structure on the official KAPS exam website or consult with a local KAPS Training Institute.

Q. What does the KAPS Exam Question Paper consist of?

The KAPS Exam Question Paper includes questions covering various pharmaceutical sciences. It aims to test the candidate's knowledge and application skills in pharmacy practice.

Q. Where can I find KAPS Previous Year Question Papers?

KAPS Previous Year Question Papers can often be obtained from KAPS Coaching Centres, online coaching platforms, or through study material provided by KAPS Institutes. It is informed that students preparing for the KAPS exam may call team Mantram for any query related to the KAPS exam.

Q. How can I prepare for the KAPS Exam?

Enroll in a reputable KAPS Coaching Centre or KAPS Online Coaching program to prepare for the KAPS Exam. Utilize study materials, take mock tests, and review previous year's question papers. Mantram provides the best KAPS coaching in online and offline modes.

Q. What are the fees for KAPS Exam Coaching in India?

KAPS Exam Coaching fees in India can vary depending on the institute and the course duration. It's best to contact the KAPS Coaching Centre or Mantram Nursing Academy near you for detailed information.

Q. Is there a KAPS Coaching Centre near me?

Many cities in India have KAPS Coaching Centres. To find the nearest centre, search online or inquire at local pharmacy education institutes. The aspirants may call the team Mantram at @+919779797575 for any query related to the exam.

Q. What study materials are recommended for the KAPS Exam?

Recommended study materials for the KAPS Exam include textbooks on pharmaceutical sciences, previous year question papers, and resources provided by your KAPS Training Institute.

Q. What are some tips for succeeding in the KAPS Exam?

Success in the KAPS Exam can be achieved through regular study, practice tests, coaching classes, and effective use of study materials.

Q. What is the best course for KAPS Exam preparation?

The best course for KAPS Exam preparation includes comprehensive coverage of all exam topics, regular mock tests, and personalized coaching. Look for courses offered by reputable KAPS Coaching Centres or online platforms.

Q. Can I take a KAPS Mock Test?

Many KAPS Coaching Institutes and online platforms offer mock tests to help you prepare for the exam.

Q. What is the KAPS Pharmacy Exam?

The KAPS Pharmacy Exam is another term for the KAPS Exam, which specifically focuses on assessing pharmaceutical knowledge for aspiring pharmacists.

Q. What is the KAPS Exam Fee in India?

The KAPS Exam Fee in India can vary, so it is advisable to check with the official KAPS exam website or a local KAPS Training Institute for the most accurate and updated information.

Q. How do I get KAPS Exam Success Tips and prepare for success?

Success tips for the KAPS Exam can be obtained from experienced educators at KAPS Coaching Centres, online resources, and by following a structured study plan.

Q. Is there a KAPS Academy?

Yes, there are several KAPS Academies and institutes in India that specialize in coaching for the KAPS Exam. They provide tailored courses and study materials to help candidates succeed.

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