Why No Male Nurses in Indian Army

“Why no male nurses in Army”?: Delhi High Court. Those eligible males interested in charting out a career in MNS (Military Nursing Services) can ask for no more, with the Delhi High Court taking umbrage on “Why no male nurses in the Indian Army”! MNS (Military Nursing Services): Current Recruitment Procedure As per the procedure being curre...

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What is Nursing

What is Nursing What is Nursing? Amid all other professions on earth, one of the noble professions in Nursing. Nurses are known for tirelessly working for safeguarding public health in various settings including hospitals, primary or secondary health care centres, public schools, community workers, defense se...

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What do you need to be a Nursing Tutor Here are some of the critical requirements and qualifications to be a nursing tutor: Nursing degree/license: You need to have a Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctoral degree in nursing to have the necessary knowledge and credentials to teach nursing students. An active RN license is usually required as w...

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Webinar on HPPSC Staff Nurse/Nursing Officer Recruitment Exam

SPECIAL WEBINAR ON How to Crack the HPPSC Staff Nurse/Nursing Officer exam. SUNDAY, February 27 (From 11 am to 1 pm) Success falls in the lap of those who choose to race against time and tide! The HPPSC Staff Nurse/Nursing Officer exam is a highly competitive exam in which thousands of aspirants from across Himachal Pradesh and elsewhere try their...

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UKPSC Staff Nurse recruitment exam online Coaching

UKPSC Staff Nurse/Nursing Officer Exam Coaching Uttarakhand Public Service Commission (UKPSC) staff nurse recruitment exams carry a special significance for the nursing job aspirants. Dedicated efforts, committed approach along with consistency is needed to crack the UKPSC staff nurse exam. Keep in eye the dynamic nature of learning scenario, Mantr...

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Two Indian Nurses Suspected to be Infected with Corona Virus Quarantined

Two Indian Nurses Suspected to be Infected with Coronavirus Quarantined News 18 on February 04 reported that two nurses from Kerala have been quarantined on suspicion of being infected with Corona Virus. They were a part of the first medical team that evacuated Indians from Wuhan in China. They were stranded there after the country enforced a lockd...

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Thailand Doctors Invent New Medicine to Combat Corona Virus

If a report on the Indian Defense coronavirus dated February 3, 2020, is to be believed, doctors in Thailand have invented a new medicine to treat coronavirus successfully with a combination of medicines used in treating diseases like HIV and flu. The doctors assert that they have successfully treated one coronavirus patient with the...

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